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I think I'm ready to die now

Something about it feels right

I don't think that I much care how

But I'm ready for it tonight

I've tried being okay

and I've had some success

But the memories replay

And my head is a painful mess

We all have a light that blinks

My light has been out a while

I tried to numb it with drinks

It burns my throat up like bile

At once point I was fixed

And everything seemed so good

Then it all got so mixed

Now the air burns me up like wood

Drugs seemed like a grace

Hell was I wrong there

Not much left to save face

I hurt everyone that care

They say people come and go

But I've lost so many now

I don't think they'll be back though

Deaths too permanent some how

Life carries on going

But I've decided to stay still

I know I'm ready to die now

And I would die on this hill

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