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My Mother - A Poem

Some days are harder than others,

I want to curl up in my bed and cry,

I want my mother to hold me,

And Somedays I'd just like to die.

I remember that she will protect me,

And that she can get rid of bad things,

she get me out of bed and clean my room,

As long as she's the one pulling the strings.

I forget how much she can hurt me,

and that she's hurt me that most,

I forget all the pain she caused,

and that her words haunt me like a ghost.

Nobody else is allowed to hurt me,

That she would make sure,

My happiness is her 'top priority',

No, I'm not being immature.

She is my greatest warrior,

she's gone to battle for me before,

But half of the time it is me she is fighting,

And I can't take a whole lot more.

Nobody else can make you feel powerful,

And remind you of all your flaws,

Nobody else could fix your life,

At the same time as starting a war.

My mother gave me life,

And for that I should be grateful,

But as she's said she can take it away,

And that really feels distasteful.

My mother has a gift,

The power to rewrite history,

It really is so completely impressive,

To see how everything was because of me.

Mum has a odd way,

Of reminding me about my health,

By telling me how hard it was,

For everybody else.

I'm sure she was scared at the time,

She didn't want me to die,

But instead of asking what she could do,

We'd argue and then she'd cry.

My mother could weponise anything,

From atomic bombs to tears,

And it defies logic how well that works,

It's become one of my greatest fears.

When I told my mum I was assaulted,

My mum told me it was a lie,

We never spoke of it ever again,

I don't even know why I try.

Yet some days I get so low,

My mother is all I can think about,

To feel like that little child again,

Because I'd feel better, no doubt.

Is it selfish to hate a woman,

Who thinks she's done no wrong,

What do they say about narcissism?

Doesn't matter, she'd be right anyway.e right all along.

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