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My Depression- A Poem

How do I explain the inexplicable urge to die,

How do I speak about the unspeakable,

Do I tell people that my brain is void of emotion,

Or explain that my heart has begun to numb,

Do I say my bones shatter and quake from societal pressures,

Or do I tell them that nothing compares to the pressure I put on myself,

Better yet do I say nothing,

Is it better to suffer in silence,

than to admit I feel like I'm dying when I have barely lived,

That the war I'm fighting is with myself,

and yet I am losing,

That I tell myself to stop talking but the silence is deafening,

I am a strong swimmer my parents called me a mermaid,

how is it I am drowning,

How do I tell someone that I am scared to live,

When I am terrified of death,

How can I be scared of death,

when I have an inexplicable urge to die.

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